First and Second Trimester Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion procedures differ depending on length of pregnancy, medical facility, physician, and personal circumstances. It is best to contact your local medical center for detailed information. Surgical abortions are 99% effective in terminating a pregnancy. They are very safe and common medical procedures. Summit Center providers are physicians and board-certified obstetrician/gynecologists, and our nurses, counselors, and medical staff deliver high quality care based on your specific needs.

What to expect during your visit

Surgical abortions only take a few minutes to complete. However, patients should expect a stay of 4-8 hours, depending on the day. This allows time for paperwork, lab work, ultrasound, and a health education session (before your abortion), and a recovery period (after your abortion). Patients who choose sedation must have a ride home. After looking at patients’ needs and/or medical history, providers might give other pre- or post- procedure medicines.

During your surgical abortion

Depending on which Summit Medical Centers’ location you visit, we will inform you about the types of sedation available.

After your abortion

When your surgery is complete, you’ll rest in the recovery room for 30-60 minutes before leaving. The recovery room nurse and staff will offer medicines to help with cramping, monitor your vital signs, and provide a snack and drink. In addition, you’ll receive you aftercare instructions and medications.  This includes birth control if you’ve chosen to start that. Emotional support resources are available (and will remain available in the coming weeks and months). If you received twilight or general anesthesia, your ride will meet you outside of the recovery room. Most patients feel ready to return to work and other daily activities within the next day or two.

Benefits to choosing surgical abortion

Most people who choose surgical over medication abortions do so because of timing and effectiveness. Anticipating an abortion can be difficult, so many patients select surgical abortions because they are safe, effective, and do not require additional steps at home. Surgical abortion patients leave our offices confidently knowing that they are “done.” They often feel ready to return to work or other daily activities within a day or two.

For later second trimester surgical abortions (2 days in Georgia), or abortions taking place over 2-3 days (Michigan only)

The above information describes some of what happens during a later second trimester abortion.  However, patients who measure later in their pregnancy may require multiple visits in a row to complete of their abortion. We attempt to notify you about this when scheduling, but we may not know for sure until after your ultrasound.

In these cases, on day 1, you’ll complete paperwork, lab work, ultrasound, and a health education session specific to your procedure. Next, we will provide care and medicines to begin dilating the cervix.  After that, you can return home. The next morning you will return to Summit to continue the dilation process, or to complete the abortion procedure (which occurs similarly to the above description).

Please contact the Summit Women’s Center in Detroit for details on pregnancies up to 24 weeks for a 2-3 day surgical abortion procedure.