Detroit Abortion Services are available up to 24 weeks LMP

Access to Abortion in Michigan

> Same Day Appointments Available.

> No Waiting Period.

> No State Paperwork Required.

Medication Abortion (Abortion Pill)

  • Available to 11 weeks of pregnancy, 95%-98% effective.
  • A non-surgical abortion commonly known as the “Abortion Pill
  • Two medications are used
  • Health education is a very important part of the medical abortion process
  • Medical abortion allows the patient to have the abortion in the privacy and comfort of home

Surgical Abortion Procedure

For patients 12 weeks and under

Summit Women’s Center in Michigan offers the 1st trimester abortion before 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Some clinics may offer Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA), but most use aspiration with suction to complete the abortion procedure.

During the first trimester, some people choose the medication abortion by pill. Review the 1st trimester abortion comparison chart PDF.

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For patients 12-14 weeks

Early second trimester abortions are one-day procedures. They typically last about 5-8 minutes. Our providers might give you a medication before your abortion to soften or prepare the cervix. This makes dilation easier and safer for the patient.

For patients 14 – 18 weeks

These 2nd trimester abortions are most often one-day procedures that last about 5-10 minutes. Our providers will give you a medication before your abortion to soften or prepare the cervix. This makes dilation easier and safer for the patient. In some cases, a two-day abortion procedure may be needed (continue reading the the information below and contact Summit for details).

For patients over 19 weeks

  • In some later 2nd trimester abortions, our clinics might require you to make 2 visits over the course of 2 days.
  • In cases of multiple visits, you’ll complete everything you would for a one-day visit: paperwork, lab work, ultrasound, and a health education session specific to your procedure on the first day.
  • We’ll then give you care instructions and medications to help to begin dilation of the cervix before going home. This may include laminaria (a sterile seaweed that expands with water) which is inserted into the cervix to aid slow, gentle dilation, making the surgical procedure safer for the patient.
  • The next morning you will return to Summit to complete your abortion procedure.
  • Please contact the office for details on later/2 day surgical abortion procedures. 

Your abortion appointment includes:

  • filling out paperwork
  • basic lab work
  • ultrasound
  • health education session
  • the abortion procedure
  • a short recovery time after the procedure

Summit Women’s Center offers all patients medications to help with pain, antibiotics to prevent infection, and birth control. Moreover, we are happy to provide resources about non-hormonal methods. Some patients choose to have STD testing at this time. (We provide counseling and treatment, too.)

For more information about what to expect during your surgical abortion, visit the Surgical Abortion page.


  • Health Education is an important part of each woman’s experience at Summit Women’s Center. All women are given a complete description of the abortion procedure before signing a consent form. This counseling is offered in both group and individual sessions.
  • This type of education, called “ informed consent”, was pioneered by workers in the family planning field. We believe that helping women make educated decisions about their pregnancy is very important. Informing patients about the safety of abortion and clarifying any misconceptions they may have assists them in the decision-making process.


Diagnostic tests are done on each patient such as blood counts, Rh-factor testing and ultrasound.


Ask about financial assistance.