Detroit Gyn Services for women and young women in Michigan.

Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy tests are offered to any women late for a menstrual period on a walk-in basis. Counseling to discuss the test results and options to unplanned pregnancy (abortion, parenthood and adoption) is available at no charge. Three tests are available: UCG, EPT and blood test. UCG is available at no charge. EPT and blood tests are available for a small fee.

Pre-Natal Care Services

Summit Women’s Center now offers prenatal care services in cooperation with Sinai Grace and Hutzel Hospital of Detroit. Since 1973, Summit Women’s Center has been providing women with the best possible, affordable reproductive health care. Now, they’ve teamed up with the best: the obstetrics team of doctors at Sinai Grace and Hutzel Hospital. Summit Women’s Center patients will receive all their prenatal care at our clinic on McNichols, and deliver at Sinai Grace and Hutzel Hospital.

Also, Summit can now sign patients up for the MOMS program on site. Call for more information and appointments. We want to help you deliver a healthy baby!

Annual PAP Smear Test and Pelvic Exam

Every woman past age 18 or who is sexually active should have an annual PAP Smear test and pelvic exam. $125 for an initial exam, diagnosis for infections and these lab tests: urinalysis, pregnancy, PAP Smear and gonorrhea. Doctor’s offices charge as much as $115 for these same services. They can be impersonal and often rush you through the visit in minutes. Summit Women’s Center’s female nurse practitioner and our medical staff will make you feel comfortable, answer any questions you have and prescribe birth control methods that work for you. Schedule an appointment today.

Chlamydia Screening

Did you know that the most prevalent STD is chlamydia? This disease usually has no symptoms and, if left untreated, may lead to the inability to have children. For more information, ask one of our health educators. A lab fee will be charged.

Syphilis Elimination Program

(Affiliation with the local health department)

Community Education

Summit Women’s Center together with private physicians, city and county health departments, area high schools, rehabilitation agencies, community service organizations, mental health providers, crisis centers, community hospitals, colleges and universities, teen health and guidance programs, nursing school programs, women resource groups, community religious organizations, family planning agencies and Federal community service groups has provided quality medical care for women for over two decades.
In its strong commitment to reproductive health care education, Summit Women’s Center will send a speaker to schools and community agencies to speak about abortion, birth control, sex education and reproductive health issues.

  • DNA Testing
  • Ultrasound for pregnancy sizing.
  • Community Speakers whom are available to speak to groups on women’s healthcare issues.