A 1st trimester abortion is the most common surgical abortion procedure chosen by women.

The “early surgical abortion” can be performed before 12 weeks LMP (last menstrual period) in various situations.

While some clinics may offer Manual Vacuum Aspiration (“MVA”), most will use aspiration with suction and possibly curettage to complete the abortion procedure.

Your 1st trimester abortion procedure entails filing out paperwork, undergoing lab work, blood test, and a counseling session. All Summit Medical Centers’ patients will be offered medications to help with pain, antibiotics, and birth control options.

Some patients may opt to have STD testing at this time as well (counseling and treatment available for this as well).

For more information on what to expect during your surgical abortion, visit the Surgical Abortion page.

Review the 1st Trimester Abortion Comparison Chart [PDF]

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